The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team is in many ways more like a tournament team without all the tournament headaches. We believe in teamwork, straight up in your face play, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. We back each other up, on and off the field, host BBQs for our friends and competitors, and support positive influences within the sport. What makes us different is our tough presence on the field, our dedication to teamwork, and our positive presence off the Field.

The South Beach Pimps scenario team was born from a set of values shared by South Florida paintball players.  Like many players, after ending a decade long tournament career we were done with the tournament format, but we were not finished with competitive hardcore play.  We still hungered for intense, aggressive, teamwork-rich paintball.   Established in 2001, we began to play scenario paintball under a variety of team names, including The South Beach Pimps.  We play hard and have a blast both on and off the field.  Our PIMPS are all hand picked leaders, and when you come up against us on the field, be ready for the game of your life!

The PIMPS at Low Country Paintball, December 2010.


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